BrickLand Realty is a team of like-minded individuals with a common vision and passion for success.   Most importantly, however, we all share a great love for our city. We believe that in Calgary we are privileged to enjoy incredible lifestyle benefits that are unique to any other place in Canada.  If you share the same passion and love for our city – Calgary is waiting to be discovered! We invite you to join us and explore our vibrant city by visiting our social network where you will learn about new highlights in our community, upcoming cultural and social events and new places to visit.

When it comes to our clients and real estate, BrickLand Realty operates based on a framework which we believe should be at the core of every real estate relationship. Our approach allows for a more effective interaction with our clients and delivers value. BrickLand Realty is also a part of the RE/MAX Professionals family, which in addition to our customized approach provides our clients with a network of best-in-class professionals worldwide.

By entrusting us with your home or your next real estate investment you will find that:

  1. Our approach is different

Our clients are always in the center of our attention. Our focus is on growing relationships not the number of transactions. We are confident that by delivering exceptional service we will become the number one choice for all of your future real estate needs. We also believe that by experiencing our service you will feel good about recommending us to your family and friends. This concept is at the heart of our model and everything we do.

  1. We deliver value

Investment in real estate is likely the most significant one you will make in your lifetime. When handled by knowledgeable professionals, your investment will build value and generate returns in the future.  Our professionals deliver value far beyond the listing of your property or emails regarding all of the available properties. We tailor our services to your needs and your property to ensure we achieve the best results. Our clients are always up-to-date on the latest market trends and local developments based on our industry research and the information we obtain first-hand by being actively engaged in our community.  Learn more about buying and/or selling with us below.

Also, being part of the RE/MAX Professionals family, our team is a part of the leading brokerage in Calgary with a network of best-in-class professionals worldwide.

  1. Your interests are always protected

With our network of professionals in the industry and our relentless focus on your satisfaction, rest assured that your interests are protected throughout the entire process. In addition to tough negotiations on your behalf during the transaction, we place great emphasis on your overall satisfaction after Closing. We ensure that you are aware of all the necessary information before making a decision as well as that the expected deliverables are fully met on Closing. With BrickLand Realty, you will also enjoy preferred rates with partners Clark & Clark legal, Jencor Mortgage, and RE/MAX Insurance.

“My City. Our Community. Your Home.”

Selling with BrickLand

The critical success factor of selling a home is being able to quickly connect with the right type of buyer.  Just like in real life, when it comes to real estate, people are driven by different objectives which means that every home appeals to a particular type of buyer.  At BrickLand Realty we understand the importance of identifying the right buyer for your home and tailor our marketing efforts to ensure that your property is getting maximum exposure to that buyer group. We work with a team of expert designers that will showcase your home for our marketing materials and open houses. Collectively we work hard on your behalf to ensure that your home is getting the attention and presentation it deserves! 

In addition to the customized approach provided by the BrickLand team, as part of the RE/MAX network, your home will automatically get exposure to millions of buyers in Canada and around the globe.

Buying with BrickLand

Investment in real estate is likely the most significant one you will make in your lifetime. The service that our clients experience does not entail generic emails with all the available properties on the market this week. We take time to learn about your short term and long term objectives –we truly believe this will immensely benefit our relationship with you. The market  is constantly changing and there are new things happening in our city all the time – discussions of upcoming city projects, new developments, future recreational areas – all this may have a significant impact not only on the future value of your investment but also on your personal lifestyle.  Our job is to gather and share the latest information with you and what it means for our ultimate goal.  So it’s not about finding a property right now, it’s about finding the right property to meet your objectives.